How to Use

Please follow our easy process for getting your TacLace set up for first time use. Click into the images to expand for further details. You may also watch the video to explore your different options OR view the TacLace Instructions that come with your order.  Note that some TacLaces are shipped without the cord locks “activated.”  Simply press the button on each until they click, the springs will then engage.
Step 1- 17 inches

Step 1 – 17″ of Excess Lace Required

1. Tighten your boots and pull the laces tight.  Ensure there is 17″ of excess lace for the TacLace to function properly.  Without the excess lace, TacLace will not be able to secure itself properly.

Step 2 - Feed through cordlock

Step 2 – Laces Through Cord Lock

2. Feed your lace ends through the cord lock and pull all the way through.

Step 3 - First set of eyelets

Step 3 – Laces Through First Eyelets

3. Once through the cord lock, feed the laces through the eyelets closest to the cord lock and pull all the way through.

Step 4 - Lace restraints

Step 4 – Laces Through Lace Restraints

4. Feed the laces through the soft Velcro lace restraints on the underside of the TacLace.  Pull through each until you reach the next set of eyelets.  To make this easier, pinch the edges of the TacLace and create a tunnel for the laces to pass in each restraint.

Step 5 - Last set of eyelets

Step 5 – Laces Through Last Eyelets

5. Now feed your laces through the last set of eyelets.  There are two eyelets, one for each end of your laces.

Step 6 - Knot or tie laces

Step 6 – Tie or Knot Laces

6. Once through the last set of eyelets, you can tie the laces together or knot them individually to keep the TacLace secured to the laces.  We recommend you knot each one individually as it gives you more lace to operate the TacLace.  If your laces are too long, you have the option of cutting them to length at this point, but not before.

Step 7 – Pull, cinch and wrap!

If you have not “activated” your cord locks, simply press firmly on each button until they click.  At this point, the spring will engage providing the friction on your laces required for your TacLaces to work properly.   You can see the images in slideshow order below:

"These are amazing, fast, and incredibly innovative. How has no one thought of this?"
-Sgt. USMC
"I'll never tie my boots again!"
-Capt. USMC