What type of boots does TacLace work with?

We have tested TacLace successfully on combat boots, various tactical boots, construction boots, hiking boots, standard work boots, double plastic hiking boots, hockey skates, and even knee-high snake boots.  If you have footwear with a “neck” on it, you can use TacLace.

Are they within military uniform regulations?

Yes they are.  TacLace does not interfere with the form, fit, or function of any other uniform item or its ability to perform its primary function.  Scroll down and look right to see our uniform regulations or visit the “How to Use” page.  Marines, you’ll find it very convenient as your trousers blouse and hold neatly under the edge of the TacLace.

What if I sleep with my boots on?

You still can…

How long do my laces need to be?

The key is ensuring that you have 17″ of excess lace or more from the top eyelet with your boot on.  The lace length varies depending on the boot girth, number of eyelets, and the size of the user’s ankle.  To ensure you can use TacLace properly, we include a set of matching 84″ laces which can be cut to length in the case that they are TOO long.

What if I have a hard time getting my foot in the boot?

You need to gain some “lace real estate.”  If you are having to force your foot into the boot with the TacLace on, try bypassing some of the lace restraints, or even taking your laces straight from the first set of eyelets to the last set of eyelets.  At this point you will not be taking up any more lace length than you were before.

Does TacLace work with Open Eyelets or Hook Eyelets?

Yes.  Not only does it work, but it allows you to maintain tension in your laces that was previously difficult to do.  There are a variety of ways to accommodate open eyelets shown in our list of videos.

What if my laces are too long?

Easy Day!  You have two options.  Option 1 is, you can leave them too long and during the “wrap” step just wrap the excess lace and the TacLace around the boot.  Option 2 is, you can cinch the TacLace down the laces, pull the excess out of the last set of eyelets, and knot them as usual.  If you are satisfied with the function of the TacLace in its new position, cut the excess lace after your knots.

When I pull, it only pulls the top couple eyelets tight, what should I do?

Some boots, mainly combat boots, are designed to speed lace, i.e. when you pull the tension goes all the way down the laces to the very first eyelet.  If you cannot pull the tension into the laces at the lowest level, use your free hand to grab each “rung” around the area that does not pull tight, and pull them tight moving up each rung until you arrive at where you can get tension.  Then keep pulling on the TacLace, the laces will pull tight, and you will have held the tension in the laces at all levels.  Video to follow.

My cordlocks do not appear to be working, what could be the issue?

We ship the TacLaces with the cordlocks disengaged to allow easier set up.  Most likely, you just need to “pinch” the cord lock, i.e. press the button really hard until you hear a pop.  At that point, the cordlock should engage and start providing the tension you need.  If they are, in fact, defective we will replace them free of charge.

"These are amazing, fast, and incredibly innovative. How has no one thought of this?"
-Sgt. USMC
"I'll never tie my boots again!"
-Capt. USMC