TacLace is a patent pending device designed by two U.S. Marines during their deployment to Afghanistan. Having to get dressed in a hurry for years, they realized that the most cumbersome part was securing their footwear. A combat deployment shed light on yet another reason why getting your footwear on faster may be important. These could be critical seconds to get to safety, or to get on your feet and ready to act. In either case, make those critical seconds count…The idea was developed initially for tactical readiness, but the versatility of TacLace allows its use to be ideal in many walks of life. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, hiker, construction worker, or any one who finds themselves in a pair of boots, the benefits of Tac Lace apply to you. Seconds may not matter, but all-day comfort and a clean professional appearance may. TacLace gives you all three. The width of the band distribute the load of your laces evenly along your legs and keep them hidden from view. After you set up for first time use, simply pull, cinch, and wrap. Remember when tying your shoes was the norm?


  • Innovative
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile

View the video below and see which way you prefer…

Without TacLace

  • Lengthy – Yeah we are all used to it already, but the traditional method is time consuming and during potentially critical moments.
  • Unsightly – Laces are exposed at the top of your footwear prior to being tucked away.
  • Uncomfortable – Say goodbye to lace indentations in your legs at the end of a long day!

With TacLace

  • Easy – Taclace provides a fluid method for gearing up.
  • Fast – Significantly faster than the traditional method.
  • Comfortable – No more laces digging into your legs.
  • Sightly – Keeps your laces hidden for a professional appearance.

"These are amazing, fast, and incredibly innovative. How has no one thought of this?"
-Sgt. USMC
"I'll never tie my boots again!"
-Capt. USMC