TacLace is the most innovative way to secure your laces!

TacLace allows you to make those critical seconds count when lacing up your footwear. TacLace is an innovative new product whose patent pending approach to gearing up cuts down on potentially critical preparation time. No more tightening, tying, wrapping, tucking, loose laces, or discomfort. With TacLace, all you have to do is pull, cinch, and wrap and you are ready to rock!

Sure TacLace originated in a tactical atmosphere where seconds save lives, but it certainly does not define the limits for who can use it. The bottom line is, if you wear boots with a neck and laces, then you can use TacLace. It is designed to fit most any boot size as well as lace length. Refer to the First Time Use Page for set up and options.

TacLace has been tested and reviewed by U.S. Marines, entities of Marine Corps Systems Command, U.S. Army Soldiers, DoD Contractors, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It’s tried and true, so start your day with TacLace.

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"These are amazing, fast, and incredibly innovative. How has no one thought of this?"
-Sgt. USMC
"I'll never tie my boots again!"
-Capt. USMC